About the owner

How long have you been in the landscape scene?
It all started 6 years ago during which my main line of work was in the construction of fences and retaining walls.

What is your favourite part about landscaping?
I enjoy starting a project from scratch. This includes starting with a design, demolishing the old landscape and then commencing the build process. I am a creative person so if the project is complex and requires extensive thought, the more exciting the job is.

Where do you see the business in 5 years time?
We have been evolving steadily over the past few years in regards to creativity as well as the shear size of each project. Our main aim is to take on bigger and more complex challenges in both residential and commercial applications.

How can you ensure the owners are satisfied with your work?
From my experiences, it is essential to listen to the customers needs. Sometimes we are asked to provide 100% creative input and other times we work alongside the client from the design to completion. Either way, we are more than happy to work around our clients’ requirements.